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Communication and Membership Department

A platform is a serviced based environment. Services are produced by people and consumed by various direct beneficiaries, stakeholders and public. CEPS is a multi-sectorial network of Civil society Organisations (CSOs)

Since its inception, CEPS has grown to be a recognised brand and leader in civic policy engagement.

The CEPS Communication & Membership Department is responsible of managing and implementing a communications and networking strategic plan for CEPS. The department also oversee the identification, consolidation, development and operationalization of the membership plans, and the engagement of civil society in the work of CEPS. The manager reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer.

The office is managed by the Communications & Membership Manager and the responsibilities of this office include:


  • Disseminate useful, relevant and accurate information to members/partners /stakeholders.
  • Establish and maintain partnership with local media to maximise media coverage for the platform.
  • Produce strategic media materials on behalf of the platform and members.
  • Oversee the acquisition of information / news and articles.
  • Administer and maintain the functionality and content of the website and social media pages.
  • Give visibility of the platform by planning for participation in local events etc…
  • Coordinate as and when required market research of membership/public needs vis a vis CEPS.


  • Engage with government or civil society organisations in areas to do with enhancing and facilitating the operational status of civil society organisations.
  • Oversee the accreditation/credentials processes, including registration of Charity Organizations.
  • Maintain a database of Charity Organisations in accordance with MOU Ministry of Finance.
  • Provide information and reports (including statistical information) concerning Accredited Members.
  • Ensure accreditation/credential procedures and policies are maintained.
  • Advise Members on accreditation processes.
  • Increase Membership of CEPS by assisting CSOs with registration/accreditation.
  • Develop initiatives that will improve the value of CEPS membership.

The Communication & Membership Manager works in close collaboration with the CEPS Credentials

Committee and the CEPS Newsletter Editorial Committee. The office is guided by the CEPS Communication Plan.

To contact the Communication & Membership Department please email info@ceps.sc