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Nurses Association Republic of Seychelles (NARS)

Seychelles Civil Society Member

Nurses Association Republic of Seychelles (NARS)

Date Founded: Jun 2013

Address: PO Box 52,Victoria, Mahe,Seychelles


Tel: +248 4670210

E-mail: seynurse@hotmail.com

Focal Person: Mrs. Marie-Antoinette Hoareau


Category: Commission of Professional Organisations, Gender Commission


A strong professional group who advocate support and to move nursing to a greater height.

  1. To promote the science and art of nursing and the better education and training of nurse and their efficiency in the profession of nursing.
  2. To promote the advance of nursing as a profession in all its specialities.
  3. To assist Nurses who by reason of adversity or ill-health or other wise are in need of assistance of any nature.
  4. Generally to promote the good of Nursing profession of those they serve.


Social welfare 

General population


Accredited To LUNGOS


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